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About Additive Manufacturing Center

Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) works in R&D projects and for low-serial production of metal parts. We utilize Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) techniques: Electron Beam Melting (GE-Additive Arcam A2X) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS by EOS M290).


PBF technology enables the production of components with complex geometry and high mechanical properties. This technology is becoming an integral part of research and production in the aerospace and healthcare industries.


The Additive Manufactured Center is well connected to Israeli leading industries and R&D entities. This allows the laboratory to stand at forefront of industrialization and development in this area in Israel.


AMC develops new materials and alloys for metal additive manufacturing including advanced steels, superalloys, permanent magnets, light metals, and high entropy alloys.
Supported by the Technion’s and the IIM’s facilities and expertise, the AMC works with complementary technologies such as heat treatments, surface polishing, ISO-approved mechanical testing, microstructural characterization, alloy composition adaptation, and corrosion tests.