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About Us Advanced Materials Characterization Team

Advanced Materials Characterization Team of the Israel Institute of Metals is intimately linked to Industrial development projects, as well as trouble shooting and failure analyses. Its good reputation emerges from a continuous production of positive records in innovative applications and daily routine work.


Normally dealing concurrently with 3-4 major long-term projects, spanning between 1 to 2 years, it encompasses a wide field of topics, especially applicative developments of recent technological research results. The team works in a highly collaborative way, all the staff being fully involved in the creative tasks.


Being also an ISO/EURO 17025 accredited laboratory shows in the working procedures, with orderly decisions taking and clear development status reporting. Also all its equipment is continuously tested and proofed on an international Proficiency Testing program, back traceable to leading national and international standards.


Our department is the only accredited one for dental implants production quality inspection and approval. Testing of fatigue and cleanliness,  according to the requirements are routinely performed for many manufacturers. 


Failure analyses are performed in a wide variety of fields: lifting equipment, automotive components including internal combustion engines, aircraft components, electrical assemblies parts and electronic devices.