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About Us Advanced Processes Team

The laboratory deals with applicative scientific and technological projects aimed studying and industrial implementation of novel materials and processes, as well as with improvement of the existing technological routes presently used in Israeli and international enterprises.

The Laboratory staff carries out numerous industrial R&D projects including national and international projects (as FP7 “THERMACO”, H2020 “NOVAMAG”, bilateral and direct founding).

Our industrial partners– Omen, Ortal, Tadir-Gan, Electritherm, Urdan, Zika, Neirosta Zafon, Extal,  Paxis, TAT, Metal-Tech, HAMAT, Shekel, Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd, Modgal, Elbit, Rafael, MPP, Nordia Springs, Soda Stream, Victocor, YTC America Inc.