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Research Activities – Advanced Processes Team

Existing and Promising R&D activities:

– New engineering metal and composite materials and processes:


– TiAl

– CMCs

– MAX Phases

– BJ printing


Fields of activity

Metallurgical processes: casting and alloying – Zolotaryov, Katz, Michael, Kazakin, Kovalevsky


Lead-free copper

Development of novel ecologic harmless materials with good tribological properties by substitution of Lead (Pb) in copper-based alloys by Carbon structures.


Amorphous Mg alloys

Development and characterization of novel amorphous Mg-based alloys composition and manufacturing processing, study of microstructural evolution under elevated temperatures and thermal stability in exploitation thermal conditions.


Mg alloys based metal/nano-ceramic composites

Development of semisolid stirring / US liquid blending assisted manufacturing processing and microstructure/properties characterization of Mg-based nano-ceramic composites.


Integration of metal foam inserts into High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) process of Aluminum

Development of manufacturing processing of Aluminum made foam structures in HPDC assisted integration in cast Aluminum based alloys made parts and characterization of bulk metal / foam interface and properties. 


Extrusion (Al, Mg) and rolling – Zolotaryov, Muller


Extrusion of Al and Mg based nano-ceramic particles reinforced MMCs

Development of extrusion processing of Aluminum and Mg-based nano-ceramic particles reinforced MMCs produced by direct particulate additions in a liquid metal followed by HPDC and product’s characterization.


Hot deep drawing of Mg-based alloy made sheet

Development of hot deep drawing processing for Mg-base alloys made sheets and microstructural / mechanical examination of the product. 

Heat treatment – Katz, Zolotaryov, Kazakin  


Control and improvement of heat treatment AA6061 alloy made back extruded parts

Improvement of AA6061 alloy made back extruded parts solution and ageing heat treatment routs using electric conductivity changes measurements. 


Ceramic containing composites: WC-Co, Si-SiC, Al/Cu-SiC – Zolotaryov, Muller


Binder Jet (BJ) based 3D printing with finalizing treating (impregnation, infiltration, sintering, etc.) – Muller, Kazakin, Zolotaryov

Welding: Kovalevsky

  1. Development and inspection on the site (China, Shanghai) technology of welding pipes, compliance with welding standards, control and verification of workers’ qualifications. Project with Kokhav-Hayarden, Star Pumped Storage. Pumped Storage Technology allows hydroelectric energy storage used by electric power systems for load balancing.
  2. Development of Advanced Welding Technology for Al7075 Alloy. Development of a special electrode for welding “non-weldable” 7XXX series aluminum alloy.
  3. The LAMP (Laser Advanced Material Processing) Israeli consortium is set to join AI based simulation tools, advanced robotics, innovative real time monitoring and cutting edge laser beam shaping into beyond the state of the art Laser Metal Processing (LMP) technologies.
  4. Development of green low-manganese fumes welding stick electrode (in collaboration with “ZIKA ltd.” – the main producer of welding materials in Israel. The goal of the project was to create an electrode that is less harmful to the health of welders.
  5. E-magic: European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community
    Magnesium has been identified as a promising anode material for the development of novel high energy density, lithium free batteries. Indeed, batteries with Mg-metal as anode have the potential to offer high volumetric energy density (exceeding 1000 Wh/L) when compared to current battery technologies.

The goal of the IIM – selection and development of magnesium-based thin foil alloy <20 mm for anode battery.


Advanced characterization (XRD, SEM and HRSEM, EBSD, TEM and HRTEM, thermal conductivity measurements, mechanical testing) – Eshed, Katz


Processes modeling and advanced simulation – Eshed


Failure analysis – Katz


OES – Larianovsky