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Services Corrosion Prevention & Laser Technology Laboratory

Main fields of activity

  • Corrosion testing and prevention, including Corrosion failure analysis, Corrosion measurements and tests, Electrochemical corrosion measurements (including different procedures like ASTM F-2129 and many more), Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT), etc.
  • Surface treatment including Electroless coating deposition and Electrodeposition of metals alloys and metal/particles composites coatings, Electrophoretic deposition for the formation of ceramic coatings, Conversion coatings and different plasma processes like Plasma Electro-Polishing (PEP), Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) and Cathodic Plasma Electrolytic Deposition (CPED). 
  • Laser technology, including laser surface treatment, laser welding, laser cladding.

Accreditation Certificate No.023-06 from the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC)

  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005                      Testing Laboratory
    ASTM-G-1: Preparing, cleaning, and evaluating corrosion test speciments
    ASTM-B-487: Measurement by microscopical examination of a cross section thickness
  • ISO/IEC 17020: 1998, Type A         Inspection Activity

Lab facilities

  • Electrochemical measurement systems- Potentiostats, EIS (Impedance electrochemical spectroscopy ) instruments with suitable software, scanning electrochemical work station SVP and SECM micro corrosion measurement system.
  • Zetasizer for measurement of nano-particles size and stability of suspensions.
  • Power supplies.
  • Micro hardness tester (Vickers and Knoop)
  • Optical Microscopes.
  • Salt Spray (Fog) Chamber.
  • Chemical laboratory facilities.
  • Metallographic cross-section preparation equipment.
  • TABER abrasion tester.
  • Diode laser: CW laser, 2Kwatt with the following heads: Welding, surface treatment and cladding, including computerized table (x-y-z and spindle).
  • SEM&EDS, HRSEM, GDEOS, XRD, Mechanical characterization (e.g. Hardness testers, INSTRON for Tensile strength measurements, etc.).
  • We can also use TEM, HRESEM, GDA, Auger & XPS spectroscopy.