Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics and Composites

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics and Composites

Explore limitless innovation in ceramics and composites for a transformative manufacturing journey.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, you can easily print complex ceramic and composite components. Explore the limitless potential of Binder Jetting AM technology as you delve into the world of high-performance ceramics and composites.


Ceramic and composite material development
Printability Testing
Ceramic and composite AM
Small-Batch Production


ExOne/ Desktop Metal – M-Flex – Binder Jetting Powder Bed AM is suitable for various types of materials: ceramics, metals and composite (spherical and irregular) powders. Build volume 400*250*250 mm


 M-Flex Dual powder distribution systemsimultaneous printing with two powders

Carbolite Gero HTK 25GR – 2200-degree Vacuum Furnace is a high-temperature furnace designed for operating in a vacuum, argon or nitrogen environment. Usable space with retort 230x230x400 mm