Corrosion and Surface Technologies Group

Corrosion and Surface Technologies Group

The Corrosion and Surface Technologies Team accumulated a long-year experience in the field of corrosion prevention and surface treatment of materials, especially metals and MMC’s (metal matrix composites). The laboratory has all the metallurgical facilities to deal with industrial challenges and a group of high-qualified specialists having wide scientific and technological knowledge.


Main fields of activity

  • Corrosion testing and prevention, including Corrosion failure analysis, Corrosion measurements and tests, Electrochemical corrosion measurements (including different procedures like ASTM F-2129 and many more), Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT), etc.
  • Surface treatment including Electroless coating deposition and Electrodeposition of metals alloys and metal/particles composites coatings, Electrophoretic deposition for the formation of ceramic coatings, Conversion coatings and different plasma processes like Plasma Electro-Polishing (PEP), Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) and Cathodic Plasma Electrolytic Deposition (CPED). 
  • Laser technology, including laser surface treatment, laser welding, laser cladding.

Accreditation Certificate No.023-06 from the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC)

  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005                      Testing Laboratory
    ASTM-G-1: Preparing, cleaning, and evaluating corrosion test speciments
    ASTM-B-487: Measurement by microscopical examination of a cross section thickness
  • ISO/IEC 17020: 1998, Type A         Inspection Activity

Lab facilities

  • Electrochemical measurement systems- Potentiostats, EIS (Impedance electrochemical spectroscopy ) instruments with suitable software, scanning electrochemical work station SVP and SECM micro corrosion measurement system.
  • Zetasizer for measurement of nano-particles size and stability of suspensions.
  • Power supplies.
  • Micro hardness tester (Vickers and Knoop)
  • Optical Microscopes.
  • Salt Spray (Fog) Chamber.
  • Chemical laboratory facilities.
  • Metallographic cross-section preparation equipment.
  • TABER abrasion tester.
  • Diode laser: CW laser, 2Kwatt with the following heads: Welding, surface treatment and cladding, including computerized table (x-y-z and spindle).
  • SEM&EDS, HRSEM, GDEOS, XRD, Mechanical characterization (e.g. Hardness testers, INSTRON for Tensile strength measurements, etc.).
  • We can also use TEM, HRESEM, GDA, Auger & XPS spectroscopy.