About us

About us

The Israel Institute of Materials Manufacturing Technologies is a national research institute affiliated with Technion’s Research and Development Foundation. The institute is home to a highly skilled research staff, comprising dozens of engineers having postgraduate education and vast experience in core materials engineering disciplines. The staff provides the technological, scientific and engineering assistance to the Israeli industry, using Technion’s facilities and the human resources at its disposal.

Among the disciplines the institute is involved in are: additive manufacturing of metals and ceramics (3D printing), advanced manufacturing processes (such as casting and forging, heat treatments, joining and welding, laser technologies, etc.), advanced characterization and metallurgical counseling, mechanical failure analysis, development in the surface treatment and corrosion prevention field, welding and joining technologies, laser materials processing, etc.

The institute advances scientific, technological and applicative innovation, leading the development and integration of new technologies, advanced materials and innovative manufacturing processes in various industries. In order to provide engineering, and research and development services, the institute keeps a lab-scale to semi industrial-scale dedicated equipment.

The institute’s staff of researchers is involved in many international researches, and they maintain close ties with leading research institutes around the world. The technological knowledge and connections developed in this framework are available to the Israeli industry in particular and to the Israeli metallurgical eco-system in general.

In order to meet the industry’s professional needs and demands, where testing and inspection are concerned, the institute operates an inspection lab providing testing services, certified according to ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 standards.