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Publications of Advanced Processes Team

Sintering of additively manufactured zirconium by MoldJet technology

T. Vompe, G. G. Goviazin, O. Dolev, L. Rudnik, A. Katz-Demyanetz (2024)
Powder Technology 436 (2024)

Powder bed fusion additive manufacturing using CRM materials: a review

V. V. Popov, M.L. Grilli, A. Koptyug, L. Jaworska, A. Katz-Demyanetz, D. Klobcar, S. Balos, B. Postolnyi, S. Goel (2021)
Materials, 14 (2021), 909

Microstructure and magnetic properties of Mn-Al-C permanent magnets produced by various techniques

V.V. Popov Jr., F. Maccari, I.A. Radulov, A. Kovalevsky, A. Katz-Demyanetz and M. Bamberger (2021)
Manufacturing Rev. 8, 10 (2021)

Novel hybrid method to additively manufacture denser graphite structures using Binder Jetting

V. Popov, A. Fleisher, G. Muller Kamskii, S. Avraham, A. Shishkin, A. Katz Demyanetz, N. Travitzky, Y. Yacobi, S. Goel (2021)
Sci Rep., V. 11, №1, P. 2438, 2021.

High entropy Al0.5CrMoNbTa0.5 alloy: Additive manufacturing vs. casting vs. CALPHAD approval calculations

A. Katz-Demyanetz, I.I. Gorbachev, E. Eshed, et al. (2020)
Materials Characterization 167 (2020)

Quantitative microstructure study of melt‑spun Mg65Cu25Y10

A. Katz-Demyanetz, M. Bamberger, M. Regev (2020)
SN Applied Sciences (2020) 2:1811

Selective electron beam melting of Al0.5CrMoNbTa0.5 high entropy alloys using elemental powder blend

V. V. Popov, A. Katz-Demyanetz, A. Koptyug, M. Bamberger (2019)
Heliyon 5 (2019) e01188

Prediction of the Phase Composition of High-Entropy Аlloys Based on Cr–Nb–Ti–V–Zr Using the Calphad Method

I. I. Gorbachev, V. V Popov, A. Katz-Demyanetz, V. Popov, Jr., and E. Eshed (2019)
Physics of Metals and Metallography, 2019, Vol. 120, No. 4, pp. 378–386.

Reaction bonding of silicon carbides by Binder Jet 3D-Printing, phenolic resin binder impregnation and capillary liquid silicon infiltration

A. Fleisher, D. Zolotaryov, A. Kovalevsky, G. Muller-Kamskii, E. Eshed, M. Kazakin, V.V. Popov Jr. (2019)
Ceram. Int., V. 45, №. 14, P. 18023–18029, 2019.

Microstructural Evolution and Phase Formation in 2nd-Generation Refractory-Based High Entropy Alloys

E. Eshed, N. Larianovsky, A. Kovalevsky, V. Popov Jr., I. Gorbachev, V. Popov and A. Katz-Demyanetz (2018)
MDPI Materials, Materials 2018, 11(2), 175, doi:10.3390/ma11020175.

Heat Transfer and Phase Formation through EBM 3D-Printing of Ti-6Al-4V Cylindrical Parts

V. Popov, A. Katz-Demyanetz, M. Bamberger (2018)
Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 383, (2018), p. 190-195, doi:10.4028/ 383.190

Effect of Hot Isostatic treatment on the Electron-Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V specimens

V. Popov, A. Katz-Demyanetz, A. Garkun, G. Muller, E. Strokin, H. Rosenson (2018)
Procedia Manufacturing 21 (2018), p. 125-132

Production of Al Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes by Two-Stage Melt-Based HPDC – CE Method

N. Larianovsky, V. Popov, A. Katz-Demyanetz, A. Fleisher, D. E. Meyers, R. S. Chaudhuri (2018)
Journal of Engineering Mater. Technol. (2018)

The Effect of Powder Recycling on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V specimens

V. V. Popov Jr., A. Katz-Demyanetz, A. Garkun, M. Bamberger (2018)
Additive Manufacturing (2018),

Effect of Zr on the Microstructure of Second- and Third-Generation BCC HEAs

E. Eshed, N. Larianovsky, A. Kovalevsky and A. Katz-Demyanetz (2018)
Microstructure of Second- and Third-Generation BCC HEAs”, JOM 2018 The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

Prospects of additive manufacturing of rare-earth and non-rare-earth permanent magnets

V. Popov, A. Koptyug, I. Radulov, F. Maccari, G. Muller (2018)
Procedia Manufacturing V. 21, P. 100-108. 2018.

Microstructure, Tensile and Creep Properties of Ta20Nb20Hf20Zr20Ti20 High Entropy Alloy

N. Larianovsky, A. Katz-Demyanetz, E. Eshed and M. Regev (2017)
MDPI Materials, Materials 2017, 10 (8), 883; doi:10.3390/ma10080883.

Microstructure characterization of melt spun Mg65Cu25Y10

M. Regev, S. Essel and A. Katz-Demyanetz (2017)
Kovove Materiali, 55 (2017), p. 1-5

Thermal spray aluminum optimization preliminary findings on the effects of micro-arc oxidation and its potential applications

Donelli, V. Popov, E. Eshed, I. Dag, H. Abir (2016)
NACE Milano Italia Section – Conference & Expo 2016 May 2016

Lead-free brass made by direct injection of CNT into shot sleeve of HPDC machine

A. Fleisher, A. Katz-Demyanetz, V. Popov, N. Larianovsky, N. Karni, Y. Tal (2015)
Die Casting Engineer vol. 9 (2015), p. 16-21

Thermal Stability and DSC Studies of Melt-Spun Mg80Cu15Y5 and Mg80Cu10Y10

A. Katz-Demyanetz, H. Rosenson, Z. Koren and M. Regev (2011)
J. Mater. Sci. Eng. A1 (2011), p. 168-173.

The influence of the cooling rate on bulk metallic glass formation in Mg80Cu15Y5 and Mg80Cu10Y10

M. Regev, H. Rosenson, Z. Koren, A. Katz-Demyanetz (2010)
J. Mater. Sci. (2010) 45, p. 6365–6373.

Bulk metallic glass formation in the Mg–Cu–Y system

A. Katz-Demyanetz, H. Rosenson, Z. Koren and M. Regev (2009)
Mater. Sci. Tech. vol. 25 (2009), p. 1227-1233